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President's Ball features live band, competition

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The annual President’s Ball took the student body by surprise this year when they walked through the doors of Murchison Gymnasium and felt as if they had been instantly transported to an earlier decade. The gym was transformed into a jazz club, with a live band and tastefully decorated with twinkle lights to set the mood.

For the first portion of the dance, couples spread out on the floor, attempting to fully embrace the Gatsby vibes — though some may have strongly regretted taking “Fitness By the Sea” instead of a ballroom course. A thoughtful toast by President Beebe was quickly followed by the highly-awaited dance competition.
The couples involved in the dance-off were expected to perform as the music changed and adapt their style of dancing to the song that had being chosen. The student body was thoroughly entertained as contestants started flipping their partners the moment the music started, transforming the gymnasium into the ballroom from “Dancing with the Stars.”
The competition was rigorous, challenging the endurance of every participant. The final two couples standing were fourth-year Aaron Bailey and third-year Corrie Farbstein dancing against fourth-years Ky Kocur and Elise Albert. Although Bailey and Farbstein were declared the winners by a “cheer-off,” Kocur and Albert deserve more than an honorable mention for their performance, specifically in their salsa number.
Bailey attributes his dance skills to being on a dance team in elementary school and, more recently, attending weddings. Based on the pirouette and leap sequences As a member of N’step with a strong dance background, Farbstein incorporated pirouette and leap sequences with great ease.
After the competition, students found their ways to the tables set up around the perimeter of the dance stocked with refreshments furnished by Emmaus Road. Students planning to embark on Emmaus Road trips this summer were given the opportunity to volunteer at shifts of the dance in order to raise funds for their upcoming missions work.
The second half of the dance included a DJ who played hits like “Teach Me How To Dougie” and “Dancing Queen” by Abba.
The gymnasium was alive with energy and filled with students pretending that they had any idea how to properly dance or convulse to dubstep.


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