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Alumni work for AppFolio

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While some recent graduates pursue grandiose goals abroad, others stay close to their alma mater.

A handful of Westmont alumni are working at AppFolio, a Santa Barbara company offering professionals cloud-based software to aid in property management and the legal field. AppFolio employee and alumna, Fatima Jawad ’12, shared how she was initially drawn to the company after graduating. “The company had an excellent reputation for basing their sales and marketing approaches on relationships and excellent customer service — I was sold,” said Jawad.

Jawad heard about AppFolio through her involvement with nonprofit organizations. “I graduated from Westmont in the winter of 2012 as a communication stud[ies] major. I have always known that I wanted to help people [find] a voice, ever since I immigrated to the United States from rural Morocco,” Jawad explained. “I wanted to use the gifts that God gave me for a career. I wrote my career plans in pencil (always leave room for [a] change of direction and plans) and prayed that God would show me the way.”

Jawad joined nonprofit organizations and communities like Rotary, Junior League and Women in Business, all of which Jawad felt cultivated her skills — “as well as unforgettable friendships and partnerships. It was through those commitments that I learned about AppFolio . . . AppFolio is a company that cares about its employees and cherishes growth.

Another recent Westmont graduate, Joe Sidebotham, '13, has also had a very positive experience at AppFolio. “I heard about AppFolio while looking for potential companies to apply to after graduating,” Sidebotham explained. “Through networking, I heard about a few friends working at AppFolio and called them up to learn more . . . I was looking for a company that was relatively new and not corporate, but also not a start-up where I'd have to work really really hard with less job security. AppFolio fit my profile perfectly . . . I was interested in a sales position and learned that they were hiring for a new sales role called Sales Development Representative — so I applied! The whole process probably happened in less than a week and I was hired.”

Sidebotham, who also studied communications while at Westmont, did not find that his major affected his job search; “but my goals for what I wanted in a job definitely came from my experience at Westmont,” Sidebotham said. “I wanted a place that I knew would be challenging and push me to work hard and continually learn.”


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