How to feel like a first-year again

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As you make your way down the morning-kissed trail to chapel and join the ever-growing sea of students, you may find yourself overcome with nostalgia for your past years at Westmont. You may even ask yourself if it’s possible to relive the innocence and discovery of your freshman year. Well unfortunately, those glory days are behind you, but there are still ways that you can experience the drama and conflama of your freshman year. Or, if you’re a freshman, consider this a guide on how to live your best year yet.

Do all of the assigned reading for your classes. Sure you might suffer from a lack of sleep or nutrition, but at least you’ll have read the whole Ramayana and will build lasting relationships with Public Safety from all of the times when they kicked you out of the library at 1:00a.m.

Remind people that you’re an Augustinian or Monroe scholar. They might have forgotten by now and need the gentle reminder that you were smart in high school.

Fall for someone who is unattainable. As a freshman, I chose Alistair Chapman. With his handsome family of two kids, a wife, and a dog, he definitely wasn’t ready to embark on a new relationship. Or, alternatively, start having feelings for someone your age who is emotionally unavailable. Worked for me!

On a related note, breakup with your high-school sweetheart. If you actually already broke up with your high-school sweetheart during your Freshman year, feel free to over-dramatically break up with one of your close high school friends over a trivial issue like personal values or unrequited love. Simple steps like these can add spice to your everyday life.

Try using a bathroom that no one has cleaned in a month. Whenever I start to reminisce on my time living in Page Hall, I like to drive for 25 miles down the 101 south until I find the gas station farthest from civilization.In that gas station bathroom, I can find the level of comfort that I haven’t experienced since sharing a three-seater bathroom with 26 other women.

Reach out to people outside of your already existing friend group. Because maybe freshman year wasn’t about the 26-40 credits you got, but the friends you made along the way.


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