Write your own worship song

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Fill in the blanks with words and phrases from the wordbank to write your very own worship song!
Feel free to use each word or phrase as many times as you like, and repeat the whole thing indefinitely (because repetition is obviously key to worship music).

The whole earth_____
At the sound of ______
_____ rains down on us
With ______ from above

Our God is _________
He brings us ______
And all our ______
Are filled with _______

He makes us ________
With _____ abound
And everywhere,
We hear _______’s sound


Lead us from _____ and into ____
We promise to be _______
Wih every passing _____ we say


Take my _____ and make it ______
Your _______ is what we’re ______ for
Show us how to __________ more
The same way you ______ us


Good Amazing joy hunger thirst righteousness annoint
Great Perfect salvation days praise perfection weakness
Revival selfless faith mercy crumbles heart soul clean eternity
Love trumpets jezebel presence pilgrim shadow valley
Taste see death glory wash away our sin pray mustardseed
Hallelujah king of kings king of glory king of salvation cross Christ
Lord Savior drums mountain footsteps path intentional epistemological eschatological


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