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Artist of the Week: Merckx Dascomb

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From the young age of eight, Merckx Dascomb was already playing the piano. Dascomb is continuing his practice in piano with his music minor as a classical pianist. While at Westmont, Dascomb also involves himself with choir. However, he spends most of his time focusing on his theatre major in acting and directing.
Laughing at the thought of his very early practice of acting, Dascomb says, “I’m a theatre brat. I’ve been acting since I was four. I was raised in it.” Now a senior at Westmont, Dascomb is focusing on his professional career in directing for theatre. Not only does he express himself through acting, but he has found his passion in leading other cast members, artists, and musicians in bringing together a moving performance on the stage. “How I see myself as an artist has definitely shaped everything. The thing about directing is that I feel like it’s a whole life picture…The people that I meet and the people that I get to know are somehow connected to theatre as opposed to something like a day job; that’s separated. There’s something about directing that connects the two.”
Thinking of his previous commitment to acting, Dascomb makes it clear that he does not want to leave this art form behind amidst directing. “I do love acting, it’s not something I want to let go of.” Acting, he makes clear, is different from directing in that “it’s something about the process of practicing and refining it down to the actual performance. It’s a special experience because there’s so much time and effort has been put into it and so much thought too. And being able to perform it out of your own body is a whole crazy thing in itself.” However, directing requires him to look at all of the different parts of the production to come together as a whole. “You have to be thinking about the other parts when you’re directing.”
Dascomb has recently finished all of his major requirements with his senior project as he directed and performed in an hour long production alongside Nina Fox. “Directing is the one that drew me, so this was nice because it was a full project.” However, he found his desire to direct in his sophomore year. Dascomb has directed about six 20-minute-long productions over the past three years which helped lead up to the final project. “It was cool to do one that was full length, especially with experienced actors and actors I’ve worked with before.” However, his time on stage is not over yet. “I’m in the opera next semester, so I’ll still be in performances.”
The young thespian hopes to move his career to Chicago. Wanting to follow the spotlight to the thriving theatre industry in Chicago and taking the suggestions of his professors, he hopes to continue to grow in a tougher area than the coastlines of California. “I’m more interested in theatre for the stage and not for film, and that’s where that’s still thriving.”


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