Art from Scrap teaches children art through recycling

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Art From Scrap is an excellent option for Santa Barbara parents looking for a fun event that will promote creativity in their children, as well as help the environment. The event is held in the upstairs portion of the Art from Scrap store on the corner of E Cota Street, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. every Saturday, just two blocks away from the farmers market. The Art from Scrap workshop “ReUse Art” is an arts and crafts program open to children of all ages. For a small price, children get unlimited access to recycled supplies and are given the freedom to create whatever they want. Each week features a different project to focus on, and the results can be joyful and quite useful. This particular Saturday, the children worked on a small succulent vase decorated like a face. Sharon Nigh, an Art from Scrap member, oversaw the workshop, and was exceedingly passionate in helping the children allow their creativity to show. The workshop is welcome to adults as well; however, there is also an adults-only workshop held every Friday, featuring slightly more complex projects, snacks, and even some wine.
The store itself is also worth checking out for those looking for unique and inspirational material for an art piece. From dismembered doll heads to old canvases, this store offers a wide variety of supplies. Everything within the store is recycled and slightly used, making everything one-of-a-kind. New inventory arrives every day so customers will never have the same shopping experience twice. Art from Scrap is a great place for artists to find unconventional materials and feel good about it.
Although “ReUse Art” is primarily targeted at children, the store and those running it have done some serious good for the Santa Barbara community, and not only environmentally. The store is owned by the company Explore Ecology, an environmental company based in Santa Barbara that focuses on teaching children about the importance of recycling and caring about the environment in fun and creative ways. Explore Ecology are big fans of “upcycling,” which makes it a great place to consider donating recyclables. They host many unique workshops throughout the year that are accessible to novices and more experienced artists; they have a very full calendar that is worth researching on to join in. All profits go to helping educate local children in environmentalism. The company hosts many beach cleanups and free events to checkout as well.
A perfect day with Art for Scraps for the Santa Barbara parent or local artist would be to stop by the store 10:00 Saturday morning, pick up a few new art supplies, stroll through the store’s gallery to see what new art is hanging, drop the kids off at the workshop (or maybe even attend one), then stroll over to the farmers market to get weekly produce, and wind down with a coffee at the French Press at the end of the day.


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