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Rain check

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The recent rainfall has been shocking a majority of the campus with the water that had suddenly started to fall from the sky. It provided a great difficulty to the students on campus, especially when walking to classes without an umbrella that a lot of Californians are not prepared for. But more importantly, the recent increase of rainfall affected a more specific portion of the Westmont student body in sports.

However, the rain did not seem to faze the Westmont track team and its workouts, as they continued to practice outside. Russell Smelley, the track coach, even described the weather conditions as “delightful.”

“The recent rains provided a delightful setting for running workouts,” said Smelley. “Some track and field training groups did some work inside, but as a whole, the team weathered the rain just fine. The track infield drains well and has not presented any problems for training.”

Gina Sheeks, first-year hurdler, remembers the week as a time the team needed to be adaptable. “One of our practices was on a Tuesday and it was a volume workout which means that it was heavier in distance. Instead we moved it to the Monday of MLK.” Sheeks said that the rain overall wasn’t too big of an issue other than some workouts being switched and accelerating the intensity of the workouts. “Instead of having a regeneration workout, which is when we ease into training again, we moved right into the more difficult workouts.”

The Westmont rugby club team also did not have much issue with the rain and their practices. Jake Orme, a first-year on the team said that they would practice in the pickleball courts or the gym. “There weren’t a lot of problems with the rain, but we couldn’t really practice the actual game and strategies.”

However, contrasting the two teams previously mentioned, the most recent storm really took a toll on the Westmont baseball team. Renn Duncan, a freshman on the baseball team describes the frustration the rain caused for the team. “We basically lost a whole week of practice. Honestly, it was pretty unfortunate. The most we could do was hit foam balls in the gym and lift.”

Instead of being able to use the field to practice their sport, they lost valuable practice time to properly prepare for their season opener this Friday. “We lost a really valuable week that we needed to get ready,” said Duncan. Instead of practicing on the field, which would have been ideal, the team had to make it up on the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. weekend by practicing all day.

The three teams that practice on the field and track overall did not have too difficult of a time adjusting to the rainy weather. All three teams adapted accordingly to the inconvenience and made the most of the gloomy weather.


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