Local band, Glitter Fish, pushes music genres

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The rising local Santa Barbara band, Glitter Fish, is stretching the traditional genre boundaries with their recently released Extended Play: “Memory Response.” The band officially formed roughly a year-and-a-half ago when a producer gave band members David Struven, Jag Oakes, Iggy Cohen, and Kyle Abatie a record deal to help them move their career along with their first album, “Early Late.” Things really started to click, however, when the band welcomed a new drummer. This addition initiated a rebirth in Glitter Fish’s musical technicality—just in time to record the new EP.
As far as their sound is concerned, it’s difficult to place Glitter Fish within a standard genre. Influences of electronic, psychedelic rock, and pop are all present in the music. Daft Punk, Justice, Tame Impala (especially on the first record), The Weekend, and Jungle are a few of the artists that inspire the band’s unique sound that transports the listener to a different dimension. “We want you to question what you’re listening to. We try to twist you around a little bit, not in a dissonant way, but in a ‘let’s take you on a journey’ kind of way,” expresses Oakes.
Although their first album and new EP retain a coherence that definitely still retains Glitter Fish’s sound, there are technical choices made on the new EP that move the band into a new era of professional quality. “Memory Response” showcases the band’s mastery of smooth transitions and a better grasp on layering synthesizers.
The band also made some changes in terms of who they are making the album for. The first album was recorded over two years, and there was a lot of consideration about how people would react to the album. With this new EP, however, the approach changed. “We went into the studio, and the first thing that caught your ear, we would think: ‘oh that’s cool, put that down.’ And that is what ended up on the record,” Cohen explains.
Glitter Fish will be performing live at Soho Restaurant and Music Club on February 7 at 6PM. The event is welcomed to everyone. The Santa Barbara up-and-coming band is also accessible on Instagram @glitterfishmusic, along with their new EP available on Spotify and iTunes.


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