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Students gather for annual President's Ball

Views 46 | Time to read: 3 minutes | Uploaded: 2 - 6 - 2019 | By: Sophia Bennett

The President’s Ball, hosted by the Westmont Activities Council, was attended by approximately 400 students this past Saturday, February 2nd, in the Murchison Gym. Students had the opportunity to pose for a photo with Dr. and Mrs. Beebe before the dance. Then, after a period of free swing dancing time, President Beebe held a toast before he and his wife judged a swing dancing competition for their twelfth year. Pam Beebe said, “my husband would tell you his favorite part is the swing dance because he wishes he could be a swing dancer.”

Around 20 couples competed at the beginning of the dance. Throughout the competition, a couple is tapped on the shoulder indicating that they are eliminated, until there is only one couple left. Michael Oldach and Amanda Colacchia impressed the judges and audience which resulted in them winning the swing dance competition. Beebe said, “I loved seeing the energy and the joy that Westmont students bring to every event that they’re in. And it was very evident last night.”

Westmont first year student and dance attendee, Cody LeFebre, reflected on the competition saying, “I thought it was really cool. So many of them were talented and coordinated. I honestly didn’t know who would win because everyone was great.Honestly, I was pretty impressed. I thought it also was cool how anyone was encouraged to join the swing dancing competition, even if they weren’t part of the club. I didn’t participate in the competition, though. But, it was pretty fun to watch. I most definitely danced afterwards when there was a DJ and lots of people on the dance floor.”

After the swing dancing competition, the DJ played music and students came onto the dance floor. Sam Wetzel, first year student and dance attendee said, “I think it’s a really fun dance. I’m very impressed with the swing dancers and everyone’s enthusiasm. The DJ and lighting, especially, help bring it all together and make it a classy event.” Seth Hewett, Page Hall’s Santa Barbara Outreach Coordinator, said, “I was hesitant going to my first Westmont dance thinking that it might be lame.

However, upon entering the gym, I was introduced to the best night I have ever had at Westmont. The energy was contagious and so were the good vibes. Personally, I would rate the music a solid 7/10 but they could’ve played 3/10 music and still it would’ve been fun. I hung out with my friends and danced with people I have never met before. Too bad I didn’t see Gayle Beebe on the dance floor because dancing with him would’ve made a good Blessedmont Meme.” The dance had white chocolate macadamia cookies, rice crispy treats, pop corn, jelly beans and more.

Dylan Ragsdale, a Westmont rugby player said “I’m a first year and I was not sure what to expect because I’ve never been to the President’s Ball before. I was not sure if a lot of people would be there. But, there was a pretty good amount of students who showed up. It was cool to see everyone so dressed up. We don’t get to do that all the time. So, that was fun. I am so glad I went. It was so much fun to get to dance with all of my friends and just have a great time. I can’t wait for the next one!” Students can look forward to Spring Formal, another dance hosted by WAC.


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