Westmont adds 13 new clubs

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Westmont’s Activities Council instituted a new semester of extracurriculars on Kerrwood Lawn with the highly attended event, “Cupcakes and Clubs” on Thursday, January 24th. According to Alex Cameron, Assistant Director of Campus Life, there were “60 clubs, organizations, and departments represented.” Cameron said the event included Student Leader Organizations and a few departments, as well as 49 of Westmont’s 50 clubs.

While many of the booths set up were run by established clubs, there were 13 new clubs altogether. Cameron mentioned the “busy fall chartering process” in which staff “approved 13 new clubs who started their official charter this spring.” These new clubs exhibit the wide variety of fascinations and talents found across the student body. There are multiple clubs that are oriented to career and vocation. Biology Club will meet bi-monthly on Thursday nights. Club president Odette Vera says the club aims to “forge relations with biology professors and their fellow biologist peers,” and “learn about each biological major track offered at Westmont, gain exposure to current school research in Biology, and discuss topics like bioethics, grad school for biologists, and other volunteer work, programs, and careers for biology majors.” Billie Bioku, Westmont’s Law and Society Club president, declares her club’s mission is to “prepare students to maximize all aspects of Law using available resources that can be applied in the professional world, while honoring and serving God with integrity.” Law and Society Club is currently active on Instagram, @westmontlaw, and will meet every other Monday from 6 to 7pm.
New clubs catered toward athletics include Men’s Volleyball, Yoga Club, as well as the resurgence of Westmont Polo. Maggie Hine, Westmont Polo president, hopes to raise awareness about the club, where Maggie and other members seek to “glorify God through our hard work and love of the game.”

Competition isn’t solely limited to sport, however. Game club, overseen by Marliss Neal, incites a similar spirit. From 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., members “play board games, card games, and games that don’t fit in either category like Mancala and Sardines.” President Marliss Neal jokes that “it’s just a fun time to hang out with people, take a break from studying, and ruin some friendships over Monopoly.” Super Smash Bros Club meets Friday evenings from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Winter 106. The video game playing club invites students to “de-stress at the end of the week” and “learn to get better at the game” says club president Calvin Goering.

Several clubs have practical application outside of the meetings, like Investment Club, Cooking Club, and Self-Defense Club. There are also clubs that bring together students who share unique perspectives or curiosities. Senaida Hernandez seeks to unite First-Generation students in the I’m First club. President Alexander Rothman heads SSATS, Students Seeking Awareness in Theological Studies. Kendra Dayton has begun a club centered around Veganism and Vegetarianism. Overall, the new clubs compliment the vast range of interests held by Westmont scholars.


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