Spring Sing makes new changes to an old tradition

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Spring Sing kickoff, the start to the Spring Sing season, is this Wednesday, february 6th, in the Murchinson Gym. Come for performances from NSTEP and Ahh-Men, as well as games, prizes, and a chance to get points for each hall. The more people represented from each hall, the better chance of winning prizes! Bring friends, significant others, roommates, acquaintances, hallmates, etc.! Doors open at 8:45 pm, the event starts at 9:00 pm and ends by 10 pm with an announcement of this year’s theme.

This year’s Spring Sing Producer, Jennifer McAfee, comments on her vision for this year: “Spring Sing is a legacy. I want to honor that legacy through building deeper, stronger relationships and through the memories made at Spring Sing. This is a community-building event that shows off the talent, creativity, humor, and passion of Westmont students.”

She and her team of eight students on the Spring Sing Committee are working hard to make this year’s Spring Sing an incredible event, with guidance from assistant director of campus life, Alex Cameron, and technical producer Brad Elliott.
Along with keeping to many of the traditions, the Spring Sing Committee has also decided to make some exciting changes. After many conversations with the student body, and insight from resident directors, the committee decided that each hall will have one co-ed skit. Alex Cameron, comments, “After talking with RDs and students, we had a good feeling that the majority of our community would be open and excited about this change. Our hope is that this will foster better relationships throughout the entire dorm. I’ve heard countless stories from students who have said, ‘I was at a skit practice [for Spring Sing] and I met someone on the opposite side of the hall who is now one of my best friends.’ As we spoke with the committee, we thought, ‘How cool would that be if relationships were built like that hall-wide?’”

Spring Sing will be hosted at the Santa Barbara bowl on March 30th. This marks the 58th year of this long-standing tradition which has been bringing together Westmont students for decades. Starting as a choir competition, the event has transformed into a large production including 8ft high backdrops, elaborate costumes, and, of course, signing and dancing. It’s a unique event which reunites alumni and families from all over the country and unites dorms as they compete for bragging rights and a pizza party.

Assistant producer Kiani Hildebrandt comments on this year’s Kickoff: “I’m looking forward to the smiles, the laughter, and a little competition over a couple of games. We even have a little surprise for everyone who comes to Kickoff!”

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