Global Focus Week engages students in the meaning of Matthew 28.

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Go Therefore” was the theme for last week’s Global Focus Week based on the verse Matthew 28. Rebecca Boa, Assistant Director of Campus Life for Ministry and Outreach, said that “the theme came out of Emmaus Road’s specific mission statement. Emmaus Road seeks to expand perspectives, encourage involvement, and awaken passions within the Westmont community towards Christ centered global outreach, fellowship, and learning.”

When this year’s events and speakers were chosen, the Emmaus Road Core Team wanted to present the idea that callings for Christians are not the same for everyone. Boa explained that “the Great Commission is not just for people who go abroad. It is for all of our passions and vocations.” The events throughout the week helped students learn how to use their training and fulfill their calling in a variety of ways. All chapel speakers during the week spoke on different topics surrounding the theme, with a special focus on global prayers.

The first event was a panel called “Modern Day Missionary: Missions As Business.” Eva Pauley, Student Director of Emmaus Road, said, “There was a panel of three men, two started businesses in Rwanda, and one was a former professor. They didn’t plan on being missionaries, but used their skills, gifts and experiences to help people. They talked about the challenges and joys of having a Christ-centered business in a different context.”

Boa said that “Tuesday was movie night, but barely any students showed up.” But on Wednesday, there was an interactive workshop with Dr. Spencer teaching students how to write advocacy letters. He taught about who to write to and how to write the letter.

There was also a missions fair on the DC lawn during lunch on Thursday. Sixteen organizations came to recruit students for internships and mission trips. Pauley reflected that “there was really good engagement between both the organizations and the students.”

On Thursday night, Dr. Richter, Dr. Bryant, and Dr. Covich shared their knowledge on environmentalism at an event called “Healing a Broken Planet: A Christian’s Call to Environmentalism.” The three Westmont professors spoke specifically about engaging in church, community, voting, and advocacy.

The Campus Pastor’s Office held an alternate chapel of a prayer and worship on Friday night. “The prayers were especially for the world, the persecuted church and unreached people groups.” Boa also said she was “encouraged by the engagement of students at these events. Those who attended really got a lot of value out of what happened. [I] was also encouraged by knowing there were seeds that were planted that maybe some fruit will come from. It helped grow people’s ways and skills to expand God’s kingdom.”

In reflecting on the week, Pauley says she “was surprised by the kinds of questions and how thoughtful they were, whether it was at the missions fair or with the professors at the panel.” Emmaus Road plans on hosting more Focus Weeks in the future because of the success of last week’s “Go Therefore” events.


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