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Students hold first ever CapriSunday Extravaganza

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What is nostalgia? Is it a sentimental longing for the past? Or the happy feelings associated with people or places? For many students of Westmont, nostalgia is associated with CapriSuns. The loveable juice pouches are making a comeback at Westmont, and this past Sunday, the first ever CapriSunday Extravaganza took place in the GLC.

In the midst of all the stress of classes, tests, and illness, about 50 students came and created new friendships within the Westmont community all based around the desire to drink CapriSuns. Flavors ranging from Fruit Punch, to Pacific Cooler, Strawberry-Kiwi, and even Mountain Cooler students shared in community. There were coloring competitions, pin the straw on the CapriSun, and even surprise gifts to make for Valentine’s Day. Students who participated in the event on Sunday handed out 56 Valentine CapriSuns which had spaces where students could write notes for their intended Valentine.

CapriSunday was started by Westmont senior Rebekah Beeghly. Beeghly holds different roles around Campus, mainly in Intercultural Programs (ICP). Through ICP, she has able to get a steady flow of passionate followers who loved CapriSuns as much as she did. Beeghly said, “it honestly started as an accident because I was just trying to make a funny joke to a friend. But then it just kinda caught on and people enjoyed it!”

Sera Thaichareon found out about CapriSunday very early on at the ICP Connect retreat, but she said, “What happens in the woods, stays in the woods.” Kay Sanchez found out about CapriSunday through the drama department where Beeghly was a stage manager. Elli Ford discovered the event in the Page parking lot on her way to the Denim Dance when Beeghly was driving to get first-year residents to the wharf. As people say, the fastest way something spreads is through word of mouth. Amarilis Falconi literally had a CapriSun thrown at her at 2a.m. one night but Falconi said, “At Page, that’s not too big of a deal.” Beeghly said, “It gives me a good excuse to say hi to people I wouldn’t normally have a reason to talk to!”

For Rebekah Beeghly, this past Sunday was an extremely fun day. Beeghly said, “The deliciousness of juice and how it brings people together is my favorite part.” For others like Kara Morin, alumni class of 2015, she loves, “how it unifies people of all ages.” As this is Beeghly’s senior year, she went all out and ended up purchasing all of the CapriSuns.

Each Sunday CapriSunday is celebrated by students and the Instagram page. Students who want to know what is happening next Sunday can find out by following @capri_sunday on Instagram.


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