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Is your faith trendy enough

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I have ground breaking news for you: I read Philippians 4:13 and did not caption a selfie with it; I prayed aloud the other day and only started one sentence with “Lord, Heavenly Host, Father, yes Jesus I just pray…”; I received the benediction in chapel and, wait for it, my hands were not turned up. I don’t believe these things make me a bad Christian, but we’re currently existing in a time where the number of highlights in your Bible speaks volumes about the state of your faith. So what do I know? Admittedly, not much, but here’s what I think: too often, we present to the world an image that looks like a good Christian, forgetting that those come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Next time you’re in a worship gathering, I want you to pay attention to patterns in prayer. While I do believe that prayer is one of the most important practices of faith, I don’t think that there is a right way, or best way, to pray. Today, I feel like I’m under a ton of pressure when I have to pray out loud. I wonder if my vocal fluctuation is right, how my pace is, if I said, “Lord, yes baby Jesus…” enough times. I don’t think I’m alone in these worries. When did God start caring about how I present myself to others when I’m praying to Him? I think He just wants to hear from me, even if I don’t mutter “mmm yes” under my breath like I’m at a poetry reading. Yet, that’s often seen as the “cool” thing to do now, so here I am.

Another “cool” thing to do as a Christian in today’s world is write notes in a journal at church. I’m not talking a few bullet points and a few convictions you feel from reading Peter’s letters (love that guy). I’m talking full blown calligraphy, fancy drawings, and stickers (I see you, dude who sat three chairs to my left last Sunday). Personally, I feel less adequate compared to my fellow believers when I forget my journal, like I need to be carrying a physical display of my faith at all times so others believe I have it. Maybe these are just random insecurities specific to me, but I doubt it.

I’m not bashing on people who do pray how I described or are journal fanatics; more power to you. But I do think that physical displays and the appearance of faith can seem more important than acts of faith and the state of one’s heart. I think we should always be reminding ourselves that faith in God doesn’t come with conditions concerning patterns in prayer, weekly posts on social media paired with Bible verses, or bullet journaling. God’s just happy to have us with Him-no daily requirements, no strings, just faith, regardless of how that looks to others.


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