A day in the life of Dr. Gayle Beebe

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The Horizon sat down with Dr. Gayle Beebe on Friday, March 1st to get insight into what exactly goes on day-to-day in his life as President of the college.

Dr. Beebe cites his leadership philosophy as being influenced by Winston Churchill, Blaise Pascal, and Teddy Roosevelt, and can be summarized as “maximizing the God-given gifts and abilities of those under your care and influence for the greater good and the kingdom of God.”

“During the school year,” Beebe says, “my day consists of waking up at 4:30am and reading for about an hour. Right now, I’m reading the book of Galatians and a biography on Winston Churchill. After that, I do my devotionals and do my prayer disciplines. I tend to a few things around the house, shower, and start responding to emails. Then, I’ll eat breakfast with Pam before leaving for work. I usually am in the office between 8:00am to 6:00pm.” Beebe says what he does on a given day varies, but on this particular Friday, it was “speaking at an event for admitted students, preparing for that, and walking down to chapel around 10:00am to introduce today’s chapel speaker, Carol Houston.”

After chapel Dr. Beebe attended a series of meetings. First, with Houston, a Board of Trustees member, over lunch in his office; then, he met with a member of the athletic department; next, a local pastor who employs several Westmont students for its youth ministry program, a faculty member, a vendor that wants to sell services to Westmont, and finally with one of his Vice Presidents, before meeting with the Horizon.

He describes his life while school is in session as a combination of “being home enough to get the necessary work done, but also having to raise money elsewhere and working to expand the reach of the college’s influence.”

After leaving campus at the end of the work day, he’ll make dinner with Pam, from their home delivery subscription meal program “Blue Apron”, watch reruns of “Hawaii Five-O” while exercising on the elliptical, and attend any Westmont events, like basketball games or theatre productions.
When Beebe is not on campus, don’t be surprised to see him at one of his favorite local hotspots like Los Arroyos, the Honor Bar, or East Beach Grill. But his favorite spot for comfort food is Pizza Rev on Paseo Nuevo for its thin crust with spicy sauce.

Dr. Beebe said that some of his favorite memories at Westmont include the graduations of his daughters’, Liz and Anna, and his son, Ricky’s decision to attend Westmont. He also stated that the dedication of various new buildings like the Adams Center for the Visual Arts or the Global Learning Center are hard to beat on a professional standpoint. He notes that the bad times can help one appreciate the good as well, referencing the Tea Fire of 2008, the Thomas Fire of 2017, and the Montecito Mudslides that occurred early last year. While he cites these as difficult times for the college, he remains astounded at the way the campus “perseveres, restarts, and works our way through the most tumultuous of circumstances.”


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