A spirited sweep

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March Madness has begun, but this time for Westmont baseball. From the first to the third of March, the Warriors swept the Spirit of OUAZ in all four games. This puts the Warriors at 6-2 in the Golden State Athletic Conference (GSAC). They currently rank second in the GSAC, closely behind Vanguard (5-1).

On Friday, the Westmont Warriors won the games 3-1 and 5-2. This was made possible due to the steady pitching of Grant Gardner, Kody McLain, and Cory Dawson. All three stayed collected even in tough situations. Friday was filled with the gloom that has been hanging around Santa Barbara recently; cold conditions with rain that drizzled periodically. In the second game due to it being a doubleheader, the Warriors only played 7 innings, in which Dawson earned the win.

“Cory was outstanding,” said Westmont Head Coach Robert Ruiz. “He really put the team on his back. He’s learning to be a starter and he’s only getting better every week. We’re really excited about this progress and what he did today.” As Dawson is only a junior, it leaves high hopes for not only this season but also looking into next year.

Games three and four of the series were supposed to be played on Saturday, but the rain had other plans, so the games were pushed back to Sunday. The conditions remained partially cloudy, but there was no rain in sight. Games three and four the Westmont Warriors won 3-2 and 8-0. This was another spectacular day of baseball, as the men stepped up and continued to be consistent in their style of play. Baseball is a game of seasons, and this season is certainly strong for the men of Westmont, who are now 15-2 overall in the season.

Sunday’s standout was senior third baseman Luke Coffey, who hit two home runs in the first game before adding two more RBI’s in the second game to total four on the day.

“My favorite part about this weekend was watching our hitters and pitchers picking each other up when one wasn’t doing what we know they are capable of,” said Coffey. “I think that’s one the most important things for this team, is that we pick each other up when one guy has a bad day. And that’s what we have been able to do, which is a big reason for our success so far.”

The next time the Warriors will step on the field is this Saturday and Sunday at home against Oregon Tech for a four-game series.

“My hopes for this season are to glorify God in everything that I do,” said Coffey. “Whether that be failing, succeeding or in the relationships I build. I also want to do the best I can to help lead this team to the furthest it has ever been [in the postseason] in its history.”


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