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Heidi Pullman
Vice President of WCSA

Last year, on a whim, I ran for the position of WCSA Vice President. Like virtually all student government roles last year, the position was uncontested. I simply walked into the job, not knowing much about what WCSA was or what they did. In fact, I felt that the organization carried some pretty negative connotations. I thought of business and political science double majors sitting around a table in ties arguing about which club got what money. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a business/poli-sci double major and wearing ties; I just didn’t really know if it was for me. To my surprise, it has ended up being an amazing experience.
One of the main roles of WCSA is to mediate between students and the administration, often advocating for student concerns and collaborating with other organizations. Through this experience, I’ve become a better listener and learned to care more deeply about issues that don’t immediately affect me. I’ve felt much more connected to the student body and worked to implement change to benefit it. By being part of WCSA, you get to know and understand those around you better, engage on a deeper level with the Westmont community, and be at the center of important and meaningful conversations on campus.

WCSA elections are right around the corner. April first is the deadline for applications and April ninth is Speech Night. Last year, nearly all the positions were uncontested. This year, it would be great to see a wider variety of students willing to represent their fellow students (and it’s a paid position!). I hope to see your applications soon!


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