Give President Beebe a high-five

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Jalin Coert
Staff Writer

With the semester coming to a close papers are piling up, sleep is lacking, chapel skips are running low, and many are finding solace alongside suffering comrades while declaring exhaustion and annoyance with daily school struggles.

At this time, it’s almost therapeutic to vent to friends and family about all the little things that bother us; it makes us feel less alone in the struggle that is college. At Westmont, these complaints might sound something like: “The DC needs to pull it together”, “The amount of weekly homework assignments is ridiculous”, “Chapel is inconvenient for my schedule”, “My Westmont Wow hasn’t noticed me yet and I even wore shorts in 55 degree weather”. While these might be valid frustrations for many, I’m arguing that now more than ever we need more positive school spirit rather than focusing on the negative side.

Yes, there are aspects of Westmont that can be difficult to navigate. However, I think that student life would be a much more encouraging and positive experience, especially at this time in the semester, if we can muster up the energy to declare more enthusiasm about the amazing school we attend. I mean come on! We’re living in (usually) sunny Santa Barbara surrounded by professors, directors, and staff who care about each of us individually; chapel allows many of us to further our faith and provides a break in our wild schedules; the DC is convenient and consistently trying to improve; and while classes can be overwhelming, we’re receiving top notch education from amazing teachers and mentors.

So pull out your Westmont merch, high-five President Beebe, and focus on the positive! (Maybe we can even get a mascot.) I think a bit more school spirit will help us finish out this semester strong.


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