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McGolpin takes over volleyball program

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Earlier this spring, Ruth McGolpin was named the new head coach of the Westmont women’s volleyball team. After spending four seasons as a Westmont assistant coach, she will be at the helm for the program’s 47th season in the fall.

McGolpin is a Santa Barbara native, who starting coaching in SB after a prestigious college playing career at Northern Arizona University. When asked how she felt about becoming the head coach here at Westmont, she replied, “It feels great. Lots of work but I love it ... I love designing practices that emulate my personality. I love recruiting and the opportunity to showcase Westmont in emails, in person at high school club tournaments, and in person on campus is amazing.
McGolpin mentioned the new influx of coaches in the athletic department here as something special, saying, “The athletic office energy with so many new coaches is exciting and starting to feel like a second family for me.”

Her players are just as excited to see her take on her new head coaching role. Two-time All-American Libby Dahlberg describes it as “a blessing to have Ruth take over the head coaching position.” She adds how McGolpin is “extremely passionate towards the game of volleyball, is a fierce competitor ... and works tirelessly works to improve Westmont Volleyball.”

Coach McGolpin describes her style of coaching philosophy as “teaching to the whole person and the whole skill, but then to break down the skills in detail to allow for steady improvement.”

Sophomore Lauren Friis also commented on McGolpin’s competitiveness as a strength in her coaching style. She says, “Her best qualities as a coach are her heart and grit for the game of volleyball, and she knows how to have fun!”

Coach McGolpin is ready to continue the high expectations for the volleyball program at Westmont, and her players are on-board. “I want to outwork teams and have the never-say -die attitude,” said McGolpin. “I want to push the team and coaching staff out of our comfort zones, and be aggressive in our work ethic, skill, and game play.”

Both Dahlberg and Friis, along with the rest of their teammates, have set their sights on winning a Golden State Athletic Conference championship and competing at the NAIA National Tournament. Friis, who is the team’s Libero, says the goals of the team and coaches are “to bust our butts in and out of the gym to get ready for next season, win GSAC, and go clinch that 2019 national title!”

The Westmont women’s volleyball team, under the direction of Coach McGolpin, will look to continue its winning ways (97-13 in the past three seasons) when the new season begins in the fall.


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