Flume releases a masterpiece after 3 year hiatus

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With the amount of new music coming out this year, it can be difficult and time consuming to try and keep up with everything. One can rely on their music platform of choice to keep them up to date, but that won’t cover everything. They might miss an ethereal, cosmically inclined album like Flume’s newest release, “Hi This is Flume (Mixtape).”
The Australian producer pushes musical boundaries, infusing EDM and hip-hop into a surprisingly coherent whole. Rather than using synthesizers to create melodies that is a staple of electronic music, the album features rhythmic blasts of synthesizers. However, that’s not to say that the music is not melodic. Flume implements eerie melodies to transition from song to song in such a way that listeners can’t tell where one song ends and the next begins. The whole album operates this way, each song flowing into the next seamlessly.
Another feature that makes this album stand out is the mixtape visualizer that accompanies the tracks. Basically, there is a short film that is synced to the entire album, and it’s far out, man. The opening visuals are barely recognizable, earthy images of rocks, veins, and landscapes all pulsing into different color schemes with the beat. The remainder of the visualizer follows Flume on a journey into the desert in a vehicle fit for an EDM music video, complete with motion-sensing toothpick dispensers and elaborate interior decorations. All in all, some of the video is a little out there, but watching the visualizer when listening to the album for the first time is worthwhile.
Flume’s three year hiatus from releasing any music brought doubt to some fans if he would ever put out another album. In reality, he was working to construct a masterpiece. The album is intended to be played from beginning to end, allowing Flume to take listeners for a ride.


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