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Organization for cheaters

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Organization for Cheaters: a Lazy Guide to Staying Organized

By: Katie Pluymert

It’s 2 a.m. Papers are flying everywhere. You’re scrambling through mountains of notes and textbooks to try to fill out that pesky study guide for your looming 8 a.m. test. As you stop to chug a salty Red Bull and crack your knuckles, you can’t help but think, “I wish I had kept all of this material better organized!”
Whether it’s time management, staying on top of deadlines or keeping track of handouts, many students struggle with organization.
“I’m not a very organized person in general, but I feel like I won’t do as well in classes if I don’t stay organized,” said first-year Abigail DeYoung.
“Being organized is helpful. It’s easy in college to have things slip through the cracks,” said fourth-year Peter Huang.
Abbey Fragosa, coordinator of academic advising, thinks organization is one of the keys to college success.
“For many, college is the first time where students find themselves on their own as far as managing their own schedules. Finding a healthy balance between owning newfound freedom and successfully completing courses is a skill that all students should strive to attain. A strong grasp on organization will help any student find that balance,” said Fragosa.
Overwhelmed yet? Never fear! Organization doesn’t have to be a nightmare! The Horizon is here to give you helpful, easy tips on how to stay organized.
Color-coding is an easy way to categorize. If you color-code your class materials as you go, you won’t have to waste time flipping through your notes before an exam. Mark topics in textbooks with multi-colored sticky notes. Use different font colors as you take notes in class. Investing in colored pencils, sticky notes and multi-colored highlighters will pay off at 2 a.m. the night before the test!
Face it: your phone is your sidekick. Your lifeline. Your only hope, Obi Wan! All right, maybe it’s not that epic. But it is in your pocket all the time, dying to send you notifications. Give Siri something to do—use your phone calendar. As soon as you set a meeting time or get a deadline, pull out your phone and plug it in right away. It’s just as easy as texting!
Handouts and loose-leaf notes are like students in class on a Friday afternoon: they’re dying to get out! Don’t carry loose papers around with you in a folder that you take to class every day. They’re bound to get lost in the shuffle. It’s better to keep an expandable folder in your desk that you can transfer handouts and graded assignments into. That way your papers can stay organized by class, and you don’t have to drag around bulging folders full of old papers!
Even if you’re not a neat freak, these helpful tips will help you stay on top of your class materials. You’ll spend less time stressing the night before a test and more time enjoying your college experience.


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