The Lost Horizon

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The “Lost Horizon” Bookstore, while being 35 years old, is new to Montecito. Located on San Ysidro Road the “Lost Horizon” sells books varying from architecture to design, they also sell coffee, vintage photos, and paintings.

Husband and wife, Jerry Jacobs and Angela Perko, are the owners of this quaint bookstore. Despite having to leave their Anacapa location when landowners changed, the Jacobs say that it worked out perfectly. They are now sharing locations with Stewart Fine Art, so that the gallery is one one side and the bookstore on the other. Perko said, “Dianne stewart of Stewart Fine Art who was also looking for a place.” Adding, “The space is beautiful, less book space, but more visual space. Sharing with Diane is turning out to be a great time. There are antique stores and it all works with what we do which is used and rare books.”

Jacobs described the store saying, “We have comfortable chairs to come sit down on. We have a nice browsing space with relatively famous authors and artists.”

Jacobs says her favorite part of running the store is the people you meet. “We have been so fortunate to meet such wonderful people with a wide variety of interests. They always are teaching me something and then I want to go and investigate it myself. With the books that come in, you also never know what you’re going to find the next week.”

Jacobs promotes the store as a place to buy gifts or home decor as well saying, “We have lots of posters, prints, and other types of decorative gifts.


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