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Westmont’s Mayterm lasts for five weeks, from May 6 to June 7, and is an opportunity for students to earn credits outside of the fall and spring semesters. Students can earn up to 8 units of credit and one PEA credit. The schedule for the 2019 Mayterm classes can be found on Webadvisor: Search for Sections. Mayterm registration began on March 1 but doesn’t close until May 10. May 10 is also the last day to drop a Mayterm class for a full refund.

On Westmont’s campus, several courses will be offered including: Principles of Art, Apple/iOS for Entrepreneurs, Studies in Literature: J.R.R. Tolkien, Elementary German I, English Composition, Politics of Sports, Abstract Models for Concrete Problems, Introduction to Life Sciences, Survey of Western Music, Philosophical Perspectives, Astronomy: Discovering the Universe, Political Theory and Ideology, Christianity and Politics, Politics of Film, Topics in Psychology, Perspectives on World History, Introduction to Old Testament, Introduction to Christian Doctrine, Foundations of Spiritual Formation, Elementary Spanish I, and Elementary Spanish II. The previously listed courses are worth four units each. There are also serval internship courses and Fitness By The Sea. Tuition is $335 per unit. The tuition charge for the zero unit volunteer service course APP-191SS is $175. There is also a Mandatory Health Fee of $70.

A new Mayterm Course that is being offered online is Introduction to Creative Writing. Westmont Webadvisor describes it as a “guided workshop approach to writing in at least two different literary genres (poetry, fiction, drama or creative non-fiction). The course type is Writing/Speech Intensive. It is required that students taking this class have completed the English composition requirement.” Anna Jordan will be teaching Introduction to Creative Writing for the 2019 Mayterm. Jordan is a Westmont graduate and current professor, with a BA in English Literature and an MFA in Creative Writing with an Emphasis on Fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has led several workshops at Westmont and has taught students on a variety of different academic levels. Her work has been published by Scary Mommy, atVerily Magazine, Chicago Literati, The Magic of Motherhood, The Broadcast, and Flash Fiction Magazine. She is a both writer and Creativity Director for “Coffee and Crumbs”, which is a collaborative blog about motherhood. Additionally, Jordan is currently a collaborating writer on the forthcoming book “The Magic of Motherhood” (HarperCollins 2017).

To live on campus during mayterm, which is not a requirement, it costs $805 for a room and $510 for the meal plan. For more information, visit the housing website. The final date to change the grading option to Pass/No Credit or to withdraw is May 17.


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