Students in Westmont's Downtown program hold "SharED" event

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On Thursday, April 11th, students from SBCC, UCSB, and Westmont College joined one another in the SharED study space at Impact Hub on State Street. SharED was born out of the Westmont Downtown program. Students Megan Davis, Carter Caldwell, and Ellie Jolly each took part in organizing the SharED study space which began as an idea last semester that the students have worked to make a reality.

The SharED event was held at Impact Hub which is a co-working space whose mission is to “build a diverse and collaborative coworking community that will make a profound and positive impact on people and our planet through innovative solutions.” Megan Davis says that her team “loved Impact Hub’s co-working values” and the fact that it was “socially driven.” Conversations between the students and those in charge of Impact Hub led each party to realize they had a lot of “shared values,” which allowed for the Westmont downtown students to have the “opportunity to keep working on [their] business venture,” says Davis.

The event itself that lasted from 6-9 PM saw about 70 students come and go throughout the evening. Lina Reid says she “heard about this night through the SharED study space Instagram page which has been very active in advertising their different events and their mission.” SharED previously hosted a study space at Breakfast Culture Club. The idea of meeting other students from different schools played a major role in drawing some students to the event. Grace Condello voices how “it’s fun that there’s other college kids here besides Westmont students.” Another reason Condello appreciates the space is that “there’s not a lot of places in Santa Barbara that are open late, so having this is really nice.”

For some, the social aspect was only one of several benefits of attending. Many were drawn by the food and drink provided, Lauren Thomas comments “there were free donuts which was cool, and the coffee was good.” Overall, several students were pleased with the atmosphere of Impact Hub, it’s “glowing, buzzing, and warm” and there are “an abundance of nooks” notes Reid. Condello adds that the space is “industrial and hip” and full of “diverse spaces.” Kenna Brase concludes “the space is fun, the donuts are cool,” which was met with nods and laughs that indicated a shared sentiment among several attendees.


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