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Meet the new Student body president

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After a contested race for the WCSA (Westmont College Student Association) presidential election, Nolan Anderson and Jonathan Lee were elected for the 2019-2020 school year. While last year the current President Sam Brakken and Vice President Heidi Pullman ran unopposed and won, this year could not have been more different. Three separate candidate teams for President and Vice President ran: George Mathen and Hendrik Struik, Kevin Kinyon and Jacob Norling, and Nolan Anderson and Jonathan Lee. Anderson and Lee campaigned on the promise of hope for a new future for the Westmont student body.

Anderson is currently studying abroad with the program Westmont in Israel/Palestine. He is a rising senior, a History major from Phoenix, Arizona. This is Anderson’s third year in WCSA, having been involved at the urging of former WCSA President, Benjamin Peterson, in his freshman year as Page Senator. He has always cited his “love for the organization” as a reason to run and to be able to “be involved in an incredible way and become part of making my peers’ voices heard.”

When asked what WCSA means to him in one sentence, he replied in email that the organization is meant to “faithfully and considerately bridge the gap between students and administrators every day.” But, he also cites certain experiences over his three-year history with the organization that “student government has not lived up to its full potential,” which propelled him to run for president and “foster a team where we can live up to our calling”.

That calling also starts with his Vice President, rising junior and political science major from Hawaii, Jonathan Lee. Anderson said that Lee was vital to his campaigning as he was thousands of miles away from the Westmont Campus during the past election season due to studying abroad in Israel/Palestine. “With the tireless efforts of Jonathan Lee, I had complete confidence that everything was taken care of… He is an amazing guy and I am honored to have him as my closest advisor.”
When asked for the issues especially pertinent to him for the next year, Anderson’s answer is twofold: listening to the voice of the student body and holding people accountable. He emailed saying, “I want this next year’s council to always, and I mean always, listen to their constituents. WCSA’s motto is ‘your voice’ and I want us to live up to that. Second, I want to always hold people, including myself, accountable. This includes the the administration and other student organizations. I no longer want anyone issuing empty promises or snubbing us, the paying customer.” Anderson’s biggest goal, however, is to “bridge the gap between students and the administration and want[ing] students’ voices to matter and to always be heard.”


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