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More senior music recitals a success in displaying musicianship

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Zelin Luan is a senior Music Major from Harbin, China. He started playing piano when he was four years old. This past Saturday, Luan performed his senior recital, covering seven pieces that included Frederic Chopin’s “Ballad No.1 in G Minor, Op. 23” and Dmitry Shostakovich’s “Prelude No. 15 in D flat Major, Op. 87.” The recital went smoothly and Luan put on an excellent show.
Two of the pieces Luan performed at his recital had multiple parts to them. Beethoven’s Piano Sonata had four parts and Mozart’s Piano Sonata had three. It’s certainly a lot to hold in one’s memory at one time, but Luan accomplished it with ease. Aside from literal skill on the piano, Luan is a joy to watch performing. His posture and movements while playing help to bring out certain aspects and emotions within the songs.
In addition to the work he has been doing to prepare for his senior recital, Luan has put a large portion of his focus into the pieces he played when applying to graduate school. He has since been accepted to three schools and will attend one of them this fall, but is not yet certain which he will end up going to.
Luan believes that part of his success as a musician in the last few years comes from the education and training he has received at Westmont. While he sometimes wishes that he could only study music and not take the other general education requirements, he also thinks that having to take other classes and mix it up has helped him to not get burnt out on music. Spending all day every day doing one thing can take the joy out of whatever the activity is.


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