SF students flourish at internships

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With the spring semester in full swing, students of the San Francisco Urban program have settled into city life and balanced their concomitant studies and internships. As a third-year in her final semester at Westmont, communications major Sara Fleming is currently a sales and marketing intern for Key Events (which offers corporate event planning and destination management) in San Francisco.

Fleming’s job entails everything from sales meetings to creatively brainstorming gifts for clients. “I’m happy to be in a work environment that combines creativity and polished professionalism,” said Fleming. Her experience as an intern at Key Events has influenced what she will look for in future workplaces.

Fourth-year communications major Elise Seagren landed an internship as an event producer at The Box SF.
“It’s been incredibly rewarding to watch the events I’ve put so much energy into come to fruition,” Seagren said. “I enjoy the logistical side of things as well, since it helps me better understand the [event planning] industry as a whole.”

As Seagren contemplates her first post-graduate steps, she has realized her passion for the industry. She was approached by Google vis-à-vis event planning for the company in the city, but Seagren (a Colorado native) is unsure whether she will stay in San Francisco.

While many interns can expect to begin at the bottom of the ladder, Fleming and Seagren said that their respective responsibilities are far from trivial, and offer plenty of career-boosting opportunities.
When she began interning at The Box, Seagren recognized that “it was an advantage being an ambitious self-starter.”

Seagren and Fleming have also seen how connections and recommendations in the working world are imperative. The internships have offered them chances to develop these crucial relationships. Fleming sings the praises of “coworkers with connections.” And Seagren recognized that “the skills garnered during your time on this program are hard to acquire in any other setting while being a student.”


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