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Bethany Hamilton brings a new story to Santa Barbara: the well-known shark attack survivor is releasing a new movie in SB

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Bethany Hamilton’s award- winning documentary, “Unstoppable,” is set to premiere at 2pm in the Arlington Theatre on April 14th. The Hawaiian native will be present at the event to share the experience with those who attend. Hamilton is pairing with Wonderfully Made, a Christian 501 nonprofit dedicated to helping teen girls and young women know their value, while encouraging and equipping them to live spiritually and emotionally healthy lives. Filmmaker Aaron Lieber collaborated with Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures for a worldwide theatrical distribution of the film in what Hamilton described in an interview at the Tribeca Film Festival 2018 Premiere as sharing her story in a more real and raw way, in which more girls and women can relate to. “I think that from a little kid to an adult woman or even older can really relate to different aspects of my story shared in ‘Unstoppable,’” Hamilton shared at the interview. All proceeds from the event will go to Wonderfully Made.
Wonderfully Made has worked closely with Hamilton over the years with various conferences, podcasts, and ministry work. “We want to continue to encourage girls to overcome struggles in their life and have positive role models, such as Bethany Hamilton herself,” the founder of Wonderfully Made, Allie Smith, told the Horizon.

Hamilton, now a wife and mother of two sons, was attacked by a 15-foot tiger shark in October of 2003. Fighting for her life, she lost her left arm and the potential to participate in her passion: surfing. One month following her release from the hospital, she was back on her board in the ocean and has continued to inspire the public with her perseverance and faith. Most people are familiar with her first book and movie, “Soul Surfer,” however Hamilton has shared that, “‘Unstoppable’ is the real me. It digs deeper into my adult journey. While it touches on the earlier parts of my life, it carries on from the end of ‘Soul Surfer’ into life after that.” Now with her attendance of the event, many of her fans will be able to interact with her in a Q&A following the show, hosted by Kathy Ireland.

The event will be taking place at Arlington Theatre, 1314 State St. Santa Barbara, CA. Theatre doors open at 1 p.m. on April 14th for general admission, marketplace, and a silent auction. VIP guests will be invited to a meet and greet post-film before Hamilton is invited out for the Q&A.

‘Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable’ will be in theatres across the country on July 12th for the four plus weeks following. In regard to the Arlington Theatre premiere, Smith told the Horizon, “We want to create an experience for women and to inspire families, such as dads and siblings. We truly want this to be a fun event. We were one of two organizations that helped kickstart the film, so there has been a lot of anticipation.”

Smith furthered this by explaining that, “we are all made to love well,” and that both Hamilton and her organization hope that the event will illuminate exactly that.


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