Towards a community of belonging

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If you flip over to the last inside page of this paper, you will see a column on the right side with this year’s staff. At the bottom of that column, you will find our pledge to you, the reader and a member of Westmont:

“We are committed to facilitating a community of belonging as we foster dialogue through the sharing of reliable information and unique perspectives.”

Now, the obvious questions: what does that mean, and why does it matter? The last five words provide the foundation for an answer.

First, The Horizon will share reliable information. If “News is the first rough draft of history,” as Washington Post publisher Philip Graham once claimed, we must tell Westmont’s story in the context of our time and place with both integrity and excellence. So if we make a mistake, we will own up to it. And while we are committed to independently seeking and telling the truth, we will also treat everyone with respect and be held accountable to our readers and ourselves.
The Horizon will also provide unique perspectives, meaning that Op-Ed contributors will reason from different points along the political spectrum, writers will write from varying cultural understandings, and we will hear the voices of those who are both in the majority and the minority from the whole range of identity categories here at Westmont.
We firmly believe that this process of sharing will bring clarity. In fact, it is in this diversity of thought that we find what truly unites us—our love of this place and its people in this moment, with all of its small epiphanies, deep discussions, and shared memories on the field and in the lab.

We have an incredible opportunity to see the world through the eyes of our peers on these pages. We encourage you to share laughter at the absurdity of The Capstone, to congratulate the pals you read about who win awards and beat rivals, to talk to that professor whose research is featured. And (we dare you) to even ask that fiery Op-Ed contributor for a deeper dive on their perspective. To ask questions of each other and to listen is at the heart of community, as dialogue is not merely the exchange of sentences but the thoughtful reception of the words of another human being. Let us find belonging in our curious love for each other, and in turn, our love for Westmont. We think that this is fitting for a place where Christ, Love Himself, holds first place.

This is your tool to build mutual understanding, Westmont. This is your platform. If you have something to share, please reach out to us at or by talking to any of the section editors and their teams.
And, finally, we know you are busy and distracted by the thousands of things you read online and for classes every day. But please pick up The Horizon and read it. Let’s cultivate the virtue of wonder at what is happening in the spheres of Westmont and Santa Barbara, and by extension, the world. As Socrates once said, this is where wisdom begins.
We look forward to continuing the conversation.


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