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Alum founds Mizuba Tea Co.

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Not many students expect to become CEO of their own company within a year of graduating, but soon after her graduation in May 2013, Lauren Danson followed her passion for tea and intrepidly established her own business – Mizuba Tea Company.

After graduating from Westmont with an English degree, Danson went immediately to the University of Denver to earn her master’s certification in publishing. It was only a week after graduating from Denver that she launched her tea company. “It was all a divine and natural progression which grew from my passion for tea,” Danson explained. “I was just really obsessed with tea, to be honest.”

Danson avidly and frequently brought tea into her social life while at college. A semester with Westmont in San Francisco helped her understand the interplay between vocational aspirations and passions. “I truly believe with enough patience, grace and persistence you can meld passion with career,” Danson said.

An unexpected trip to Japan to visit another Westmont alum at a house church in Tokyo influenced her understanding of tea immensely. “I decided to step off the bullet train 15 minutes outside of Kyoto on a whim, in what happened to be the birthplace of Japanese green tea,” she said. “The rest is history.”

What began as a pop-up tea room (in Room 112, Emerson Hall, during Danson’s sophomore year at Westmont) evolved into a full-scale tea company.

Danson emphasized the importance of the passions God grants us, and how we can use them to glorify him: “If God gives you a passion, use it to glorify and give back to Him. I am so thankful that I love tea — God created a rad plant that tastes delicious in so many different ways.”

Ten percent of Mizuba Tea’s profits support the company’s relationships in Japan, where they source their single-ingredient, single-origin products from organic and family tea farms in the Uji region, celebrated as the highest quality tea-growing region in Japan.

Danson’s products are featured at Santa Barbara’s Scarlett Begonia, Sojourner Café, Isabella’s Gourmet Foods, Rori’s Artisanal Creamery and more. Mizuba Tea can also be found for sale in the Westmont Bookstore.


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