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New golf complex officially inaugurated

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Westmont’s Athletic Department welcomed the inaugural men’s and women’s golf teams with a ceremony dedicating a brand new golf complex in honor of Stan Anderson, the main donor for the complex.

All of the Warrior sports teams lined the perimeter of the complex and celebrated the new team, led by none other than golf head coach and political science professor, Dr. Tom Knecht. At the ceremony, different people spoke to the friends and families of the school, especially those affiliated with Anderson.

First speaking was President Beebe. He addressed the donors with the vision he had for the complex and what he had in mind for the student athletes. As someone who was very involved in his own alma mater’s athletic departments, he said that he hoped Westmont’s golf program will teach its athletes to be “great students” as well.

Following Beebe was women’s basketball head coach and associate athletic director, Kirsten Moore. Informing the donors of the many great achievements the program as a whole has made, she introduced Anderson to speak about why he donated to the program and what he wanted to see from his donation.

A Westmont alum, Anderson went on to study law and eventually found his way back to his humble beginnings as a Westmont student.

“I did it for the students,” he said as he turned to look back at all of the athletes standing behind him. “It’s all about the talent created.” He recalls his time at Westmont and how, to be quite frank, there was not a lot on campus for the athletes. He wanted to be a part of Westmont athletics and to help them in their growth. “Now there’s a lot here and I’m really pleased that I could be a part of that.”

Speaking next was Knecht, who is most commonly known for teaching his political science classes and perhaps his time spent playing on the Stanford football team. Knecht is more than prepared to take on this team and lead them to victory. He talked about his vision to “develop men and women of character.” As he looked out to the donors, he promised them and his team, “We want to win, but more importantly, we want them to excel in the classroom. We’re interested in doing the right thing all the time.” As both a former athlete and current professor, Knecht and his promises pleased the student-athletes and donors.

After all the different speeches and thank-you’s, Anderson and President Beebe walked over to the big ribbon and cut it to confirm the brand new complex for athletic use. Anderson also sank the honorary first putt to officially inaugurate the complex.


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