Westmont's tutoring program allows for student flourishing

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It’s the night before your Old Testament Exam and your brain cells are slowing dying — one by one, they dissipate into oblivion. You attempt to muster up your memories and thoughts into order, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot remember the difference between what Hebron, Hanukkah, and Haggi are. You cry to the heavens for a saving grace. And then it happens. Your phone vibrates, notifying you that there will be an Old Testament tutoring session, that night, in the library, at 7:00pm. Hallelujah! Now you know that not only your grade will be rescued, but that your sanity will be restored as well.

In situations such as this, students find it reassuring to know that there is a helpful and encouraging tutoring system, right here on campus, that cares and facilitates student’s learning needs.
Ariel Abdallah — a Perspectives on World History tutor — shared with The Horizon how she believes that the tutoring program “is an incredibly useful tool.” Students can show up to these free tutoring sessions with no prior registration necessary.

Abdallah herself is a “regular attendee of tutoring sessions.” Abdallah expands on this, alluding to how there is often a misleading assumption that tutoring is for students who are not doing well, or “failing,” in a particular class. However, the truth is, any and all students are welcomed to attend a tutoring session. In relation to this claim, Dr. Covich, head of the tutoring program, told The Horizon that students should “think of tutoring more like a wellness practice than a first aid clinic.”

Abdallah expresses how it is very beneficial for students to have a dedicated time and space to study — not to just “do” the readings or homework but to also make connections throughout the course material and to help students learn skills that will help their college career and life beyond. In continuation to this statement, Abdallah states how “tutoring sessions are wonderful for spending allocated time to learn and understand the class material in a way that students probably wouldn’t do on their own.”

According the Westmont tutoring website, there are a variety of tutoring sessions offered that cover many diverse GE courses and other some specific classes as well. Sessions are taught by highly trained tutors, who have often taken the exact same class that they are now tutoring for. These sessions are facilitated at different times throughout the week. You can find the schedule on the Westmont website under “Voskuyl Library — Tutoring.”

The tutoring program at Wesmont is dedicated to helping students fulfill their learning needs. For students with special circumstances that need more individualized help, Dr. Covich (tcovich@westmont.edu) recommends students email her about their situation. From there, she can use her expertise to facilitate their learning.

When it comes to writing needs, there are two programs in the library that each focus on a specific aspect of the writing process. The Research Desk is available to help students find sources or references for an essay, while the Writers Corner can assist students who are looking for help in organizing their paper. There, students can find many experienced writing tutors that can help them at any stage in the writing process.

Reflecting on the wide-reaching services, Abdallah tells The Horizon that the “tutoring program is a very efficient way for students to learn to succeed in their classes!”


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