Donald Trump must be impeached as soon as possible

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The impeachment process has started. It should’ve started a while ago, and it should not be going as slowly as it is.
In 2014, while his son was working for a business in Ukraine accused of corruption, Joe Biden called for the firing of the general prosecutor of Ukraine. An investigation was launched to see if this was considered a conflict of interest, and nothing was found.

According to an anonymous whistleblower in the Trump administration, Trump asked the Ukrainian president to launch an investigation on Biden regarding what happened in 2014, even though one had already been conducted by the US government. A few days before, Trump had told his administration to withhold aid to Ukraine. This can easily seem like a quid pro quo situation: Ukraine only gets aid if they launch an investigation.
Asking another country to meddle, as well as the quid pro quo agreement, is illegal. Trump is on record asking another world leader to investigate a presidential candidate, in turn making it harder for said candidate to focus on his campaign and therefore putting him at a disadvantage in the election. Essentially, Trump is asking the Ukrainian president to meddle in our election.

It has been almost a year since the Democrats have secured a majority, and several months since the whistleblower came out with incriminating evidence. The impeachment process did not start sooner because politics and party standing is seemingly more important to our government than our democracy and the ideals of our nation. Our nation is built on the assumption that the people will choose its leader, and Trump has attempted to disrupt this process by loading the dice against a certain candidate. However, as election season ramps up, launching an impeachment inquiry would look like a direct attack to Trump’s reelection campaign, and people would accuse them of dirty politics.

Just because the impeachment process has started doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. The White House has said that it will not cooperate in the inquiry, because Pelosi failed to take a vote on if the inquiry should be launched. It is true that it was not put up for a vote, but it is also true that it did not have to be. Pelosi is well within the bounds of how impeachment inquiries can be run, but because she did not put the inquiry up for a vote, the White House is allowed to say that they won’t cooperate. However, the administration should comply, regardless of a vote. If the White House was actually concerned with promoting the ideals of our nation, they would comply and try to show that they did nothing wrong. The reason that they are choosing not to cooperate is because they want to drag this process on as long as possible, since the closer to election season it gets, the more it will look like an attack on the Republic party instead of Trump breaking the law.

The House cannot go back and start this process earlier, but it can be more aggressive going forward and hold the White House accountable to the law that they are supposed to respect. If the White House continues to refuse to comply with the investigation, Pelosi should put the inquiry to a vote because it will be the only way to move closer to impeachment. Our government is supposed to protect our nation from corruption. It needs to live up to its job.


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