Shopping Cheap in a Rich Town

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Shopping Cheap in a Rich Town

We all know how blessed we are to go to college in Santa Barbara, a town world-famous for beauty and luxury in every form. However, we’re college students, and luxurious living isn’t exactly in the cards for us. What can we do to get around the staggering price tags without resorting to wearing potato sacks until graduation? Fortunately, not everyone in Santa Barbara needs the riches of Oprah or Paul Walker, and there are still some hidden gems that offer tasteful apparel at a price that most college students can swing.

1. Crossroads Trading Co.

For the name-brand shopper, this is a great option. Crossroads, located on State Street, is a new and recycled fashion retail store that has quality and intact clothing for a much more affordable price.

2. Forever 21

An already popular store, Forever 21 offers tasteful clothing for a price much cheaper than its style rivals. Although the clothes aren’t as well made as the real deal, the price makes the short lifespan of their products worth it.

3. Heavenly Couture

Located in downtown Santa Barbara, Heavenly Couture houses a variety of styles from jeans to scarves to jewelry, all below the price of $15. A truly gracious bargain, their apparel is decently made and will last longer than the prices might suggest.

4. Cotton On

Tucked away in Paseo Nuevo, Cotton On is an up-and-coming store with consistent sales. Catering to both men’s and women’s styles, it offers all sorts of clothing articles and accessories, all for the price of the cash you carry around in your wallet, so be careful!

5. Magnolia Center Thrift Store

Westmont is home to plenty of enthusiastic thrift shoppers. Magnolia is not the only thrift shop in Santa Barbara, but it’s arguably the best. Found in Goleta, it offers an organized and wide variety of clothing begging to see the daylight again. Friendly employees and rows upon rows of discarded come-ups make for an ideal shopping experience.

Whether you’re trendy, prim and neat, grungy, or something that doesn’t quite have a name yet, this high-class town still has some low-price shopping waiting to be enjoyed. No longer do you have to feel the pull to wander into Urban Outfitters or follow the potent smell into Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister. Wander into some of these stores and you’re almost guaranteed to walk out with something that both you and your wallet will be satisfied with.


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