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Alum works at Rescue Mission

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Alumna Lizzy MacRae (’11), affirmed that the first few years of post-graduation life are anything but banal.

“I believe that the season after graduation is an incredible time to try things, develop skills, engage your mind, deepen your faith and be part of a community outside of college,” said MacRae.

“It's a time to cultivate the habits and disciplines that will sustain you for the rest of your life,” she continued. “I'm impressed by my fellow Westmont alumni and the ways in which they've chosen to spend time and resources since graduation. I'm grateful for this post-grad season and the space it has provided to pursue so many new and good things.”

Since graduating in 2011 with a degree in sociology, MacRae has continued to serve the Santa Barbara community by joining the staff of the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission (SBRM), a Christian ministry that provides immediate help to the homeless in the form of food and shelter, 365 days a year.

“I am extremely proud to be part of an organization with an effective and reputable response to addiction and homelessness in our community,” said MacRae.

In 2013, the SBRM provided 62,234 meals and 39,984 safe overnight stays for the homeless of Santa Barbara. The shelter operates a 12-month residential recovery program for 24 women and 45 men, as well as an outpatient recovery program and sober living apartments.

“The SBRM’s state-certified drug and alcohol recovery programs aim to bring individuals from addiction, institutionalization, and homelessness back to sobriety, health, and wholeness,” MacRae explained. “Our comprehensive program demonstrates outstanding results in terms of long-term sobriety, employment and the restoration of relationships.”

During her time at Westmont, MacRae volunteered and interned for a few local nonprofits, which sparked her interest in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector.

Upon graduation she searched for opportunities at local organizations with missions she was passionate about. The SBRM fit MacRae’s vision. In June of 2011, she applied and was offered a position. “The Santa Barbara Rescue Mission does compelling and transformative work in our community and I was thrilled about the opportunity to be part of the team there,” MacRae said.

MacRae works for SBRM’s administrative department. Her roles include managing human resources, volunteer coordinating, gift processing, providing support for the Board of Directors and assisting with development and events.
“Over the past three years, I've been able to grow in my knowledge of human resources and the best practices for volunteer management, hone my skills as a supervisor, learn a great deal about fundraising and development, and develop as a team-member,” acknowledged MacRae.

The vision of the SBRM continues to inspire MacRae, and her faith. “It is truly a privilege to work for an organization that God uses to powerfully impact lives in our community,” MacRae said.


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