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Two Westmont Men Stranded On A Mountain

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We have all seen the shows about getting lost in the wilderness and how to survive in the wild, but we never think that it’ll happen to us. However, for second-year Robert Martinez and fourth-year Luke Fulton, it became a little more real than reality television. On Saturday, Sept. 21, Martinez and Fulton decided to go hiking. “We wanted to do something that not everybody else has done. We decided we would go to Arlington Peak or Cathedral Peak a few miles from the mission,” said Martinez.
They had breakfast in the DC and headed out for the trail. When they started their hike, they noticed that the trail was poorly marked, with no signs. They hiked until they reached Inspiration Point, but Martinez wanted to continue up the mountain. They navigated rock formations and climbed ropes left by previous climbers until they reached the summit.
After taking a lunch break, Martinez and Fulton decided to look for an easier way down, but their path soon receded into a game trail. They fought their way through the foliage. Eventually they admitted to themselves that they were lost and called search and rescue. They described their location to the operator and gave coordinates from Martinez’s phone. The operator said a helicopter would be sent out to look for them. Relieved by the thought of rescue, Martinez and Fulton drank the last of their water around 6:30 p.m. An hour passed. It was getting windy, dark and cold, and there was still no helicopter.
The men decided to search for shelter when Fulton’s phone died. Finally, they found shelter and called search and rescue again on Martinez’s phone. Search and rescue informed them that three teams had been sent out to look for them.
Hours passed. By 10 p.m. there was still no sign of search and rescue, and Martinez’s phone had died. The men ended up having to spend the night up on the mountain, fighting to stay warm in T-shirts and shorts. That same night, a windstorm caused a power outage in Santa Barbara.
After a sleepless night, Martinez and Fulton began to search for a way down the mountain. They finally managed to find the trail they had hiked up the day before.The men hiked back down to their car, where they found search and rescue waiting for them. The two drove back to Westmont after answering a few questions from search and rescue and drinking a 24-count case of water bottles. When they reached campus, Martinez and Fulton went straight to the DC and ate all the food they could.
Martinez and Fulton spent a full 24 hours up on the mountain that weekend. Martinez got poison oak on his legs but other than that, neither of the men were injured in the ordeal. “It was just crazy to think about how that had happened to us and we were OK,” said Martinez. “If there's one thing I learned, I'm never going hiking again.”


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