Alum intertwines faith and personal fitness

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Westmont alumna Juliann Lynch (née Boubel) is both living the kinesiology major’s dream and incorporating her work with her faith. Whether she is teaching workout classes at Westmont, training clients at Prevail Conditioning in downtown Santa Barbara or “wife-ing” (what she calls her “other” job), Lynch seeks to serve the Lord in all of her endeavors, and to incorporate her love for the science of movement.
Lynch maintains that her faith and experience with personal fitness intertwine. 1 Timothy 4:8 is one of Lynch’s go-to verses: “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value in all things, holding promise both in this life and the life to come.”
In a nutshell, this is Lynch’s approach to fitness. “I view working out as a form of worship,” Lynch explained. “He gave us these awesome bodies that lift and hinge and squat and push and pull and more!”
But Lynch is also aware of the fitness-aficionado’s tendencies to focus on the external. “We want to worship Him through using our bodies, not make our bodies what we worship,” Lynch said.
Lynch acknowledges the danger of what she calls “the vortex of body image struggles,” especially in a department that focuses so closely on physique. But Lynch recognizes that as other studies, professions and industries are redeemable, so too is the realm of kinesiology and personal fitness. Lynch recalls a moment in which she felt God say to her, “Juliann, I gave you a love of kinesiology for a reason, and I’m going to use if for my good!”
Lynch advises those interested in the world of personal fitness and training to look into the Prevail Conditioning internships offered by kinesiology professor Chris Ecklund. “These internships are empowering and teach you everything you need to know and also give you the opportunity to test ride the industry before delving in head-first,” said Lynch.


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