Alumna Nicole Delahooke creates own fashion line

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When Nicole Delahooke,’10, graduated from Westmont with a degree in International Studies, she did not expect that only four years later she would be working as a successful fashion designer and label owner.

Just two weeks after graduation, Delahooke got a job working for a company that managed large grants in fashion, and her introduction to the industry began.

“I had no clue what I was going to do or where I would be after graduating, but I knew that I wanted to make a different move in my life,” said Delahooke.

Today, Delahooke is the proud owner of a ground-breaking fashion label called DeLaHooke, which appeals to the advanced contemporary woman that appreciates top quality and well-fitted clothing. She credits much of her success to the liberal arts education that gave her an edge in the business world.

In her first job out of college, Delahooke mainly handled product and sales work with leather suppliers from all over the world in countries like India, Afghanistan and China.

Soon after the sales job, she started working for a clothing company in downtown Los Angeles. Working there sparked her interest in creating her own styles for women, and she signed up for fashion classes at Los Angeles Trade Tech College.

Her label, DeLaHooke, is a start-up company that began in the garage of her parent’s home in San Marino, California. Her two younger sisters, Kendra and Alexa, also play a key role in DeLaHooke’s success. Kendra is the label’s photographer and Alexa is one of the models.

The company gained popularity through social media marketing, and after only a year and a half it has taken off tremendously.

Alex Hudgens, an actress known for “Blacktree” and “Insecurities,” wore a DeLaHooke original at the red carpet premiere of “The Quiet Ones” in April 2014. In August 2014, she traveled to Las Vegas for an exhibition called ENK International Shows, where Delahooke had the opportunity to show off her styles to the world.

Currently, DeLaHooke designs can be found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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