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Recent graduate hired as Asia liaison for World Concern

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Recent graduate Taylor Jashinsky, ’14, will be working at a Christian non-profit organization called World Concern for two years in Southeast Asia.

When asked about her role, Jashinsky explained, “World Concern works to bring sustainable community development solutions to some of the most forgotten and unreached people groups around the world. My job will be to act as their visual storyteller and story gatherer.”

World Concern will use Jashinsky as a communication liaison, as she gets to “capture the transformations taking place in the lives of those affected by our [World Concern’s] work.” She will be based in Myanmar and will also get to work in Laos, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Jashinsky hopes to embark on her journey in February of 2015, but before she can leave, she must raise enough funds for her two years abroad.

After graduating from Westmont in 2014 with a degree in Social Science with an emphasis in Sociology, Jashinsky knew she wanted to work with World Concern. She said, “Once I am there, living out this incredible opportunity-- living out my dream job-- I hope to see God's world in a new light.”

She first heard about World Concern last summer on her way home from the Emmaus Road trip to Madagascar in 2013. They stopped to meet up with a friend from Santa Barbara, Kelly Ranck, who is a Communication Liaison with World Concern in Africa.
Jashinsky remembers, “As she was describing her work with World Concern, I realized that God had brought me half way across the world to a restaurant in Nairobi to show me this opportunity that He had given me a heart and vision for three years earlier.”
Shortly after her encounter with Ranck, Jashinsky prayed about the opportunity and decided to apply. Nine months later, she heard back from World Concern: “I was officially offered this position a week before graduation. So yes, I was basically hanging on a prayer all of senior year that if this is what God wanted me to pursue after graduation, that He would provide a way for me to get it. And He did, just in time!”

Jashinsky will be working alongside African employees. As the only American, she is excited to share her stories of transformation with other Americans and westerners. “Part of my time will be spent in the World Concern international offices with other employees, and part of my time will be spent traveling to remote locations where we work with one or two other World Concern staff [members],” she explained.

When asked about her biggest hope for her trip, Jashinsky responded, “I have lots of hopes and dreams and aspirations.”

She continued, “The biggest is probably to learn more about God and His world through the relationships, conversations, experiences and unexpected situations that I cannot anticipate but hope to embrace wholeheartedly in an attempt to see even a little bit more of God's majesty.”

Those interested in following Jashinsky on her journey can check out her World Concern blog at or email her with questions or encouragement at

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