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7th Annual Women’s DiversiTEA speaker Peace Amadi exclaims words of affirmation for women

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On Nov. 1, over 50 women, including students and staff, gathered in Founders Room for the seventh Annual Women’s DiversiTEA. creating a unique space for women to explore the intersection of faith, gender and ethnicity.

This year’s speaker, Dr. Peace Amadi, is a mental health expert and psychology professor at Hope International University in Fullerton. She is also an emerging media personality.

Full of insight and wisdom, Amadi had the woman ponder God’s thought process in creating them. She reminded the woman that each human being is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and that God purposefully created them for good works.

Ultimately Dr. Amadi wants to empower women of find their identity in Christ and do good work for His glory.

Confidence in who God created you to be was also a major theme for Amadi’s talk. Amadi created a safe space for women to enter into dialogue, exploring how the media portrays a distorted image of women. Females, therefore, struggle to maintain a healthy sense of self.

Keeping the dialogue going, she led an exercise where the women divided into pairs and discussed their earliest memory of identifying themselves as a human or a woman of color.

To encourage dialogue, Amadi asked students and staff members to share experiences in which they felt alienated. She highlighted the importance of intentionally defining oneself in God to prevent feelings of inadequacy or a lack of confidence.

To conclude, Amadi had each woman share a word that helped them internalize God’s purpose. These women were able to find hope of redemption.

“It was a very eye-opening and much needed event,” said first-year Brittany Bland-Boyd. “It is such a beautiful experience to fellowship with women and see how God created us to be unusually good.”

Women left the tea inspired to spread the good news of God’s validation of woman. “The tea makes me want to live a life that seeks to make our world a more just place,” said fourth-year Julianna Carlson.

The tea provided women the opportunity to openly discuss their identities in Christ, was only a prelude to a lifelong exploration of faith.


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