Fall art show

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A venue for students of all majors, the fall art showcase opened last Friday, Oct.18, in Adams Center for the Visual Arts.

This year’s showcase was organized by Westmont art students — third-years Adrina Goglanian, Alexa Goglanian and Briana Stanley and third-year senior Samantha Merrill — and includes a variety of styles and mediums, everything from self-portraits to abstract art.

The theme, Grow Peace, was selected by Stanley and approved by the art department. The theme was intended to incorporate student perceptions of peace through a visual medium.

Some artists drew attention to the marginalized of society, while others associated growing peace with the cultivation of nature. The art is on display to celebrate Westmont students’ ability to convey different emotions through visual representation.

The gallery’s opening night featured a celebration of art on the first floor of the Adams Center, including refreshments and a musical performance by The Pedestrians as students walked through the gallery.

Third-year Shannon Ireland enjoyed the opportunity to become more involved with the art community at Westmont.

“I loved getting to see a variety of ways in which students expressed themselves through their art,” she said. “As someone who loves art but is not an art major, it’s always fun to see new ways my peers are expressing themselves through numerous mediums. The theme, grow peace, was interpreted in so many different ways, allowing you to really see the freedom of expression students felt.”

Submissions for the Grow Peace showcase were accepted throughout the semester until Oct. 10, and open to students of any major. The art submitted could be of any medium, including oil, acrylic, graphite and digital photography.

Adrina and Alexa Goglanian, Merrill and Stanley selected and displayed all the work that had been submitted. According to Adrina Goglanian, who also submitted several paintings, “We wanted to fill the walls with the students’ work.”

The gallery will be on display until Nov. 15. Some of the unique pieces include an oil painting on wood by Stanley, digital photographs of nature by third-year Julia Wiggin and a steel and stone sculpture by fourth-year Rose Ellen Bohnsack.

The Westmont art department displays various student gallery exhibitions during the year, enabling the Westmont community to celebrate the art created by peers, become inspired in their own creative process and perhaps take on a different point of view as displayed by the art.

In addition to student displays on the first floor of Adams Center throughout the year, the senior exhibition for art majors is featured in the museum each spring.

The Grow Peace showcase is different from other art exhibits at Westmont because it encourages students who are not art majors to participate.

“It’s different in the sense that all students and all mediums are welcome,” Adrina said.


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