Fourth-years reflect on playing and singing in the chapel band

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The Westmont chapel band is more than a group of students and Joel Patterson playing worship songs in front of the student body. The chapel band helps lead individuals, as well as a congregation, in songs that praise God and instill him in listeners’ minds.

This spring, eight fourth-years will be leaving the worship team. Those graduates include Jake Elliott, Ian Brown, Donald Brubaker, Luke Mizuki, Will Breman, Brooke Hankins, Zach Erwin and Corrie Farbstein. Fil Kozachuk, ‘14, who also played in the chapel band last semester, will walk with the rest of his class this May.

Jake Elliott, one of the two drummers on the worship team, said, “I have always loved drumming, especially in worship settings, but doing so here at Westmont has challenged me to think carefully about why we worship through music and what our efforts to join into the work of the Church should look like.”

Brooke Hankins, a vocalists, has been a part of the worship band for a year. She shared what it was like for her to experience being a member of the worship team.

“I would say that I have had an incredible experience being on chapel band this past year,” she said. “There has been such a good balance of fun and worship. No one takes themselves too seriously, but I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we all hold a high place of honor for getting to lead our community in worship,” she said.

Zac Erwin, also a vocalist who joined for his last few semesters at Westmont, said, “I would say that my experience on chapel band has been fantastic, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I knew senior year was my chance to do it, and I was so happy that I was chosen to be a part of it.”

Erwin also talked about what the environment is like within the band. “We laugh, goof off, and dance, but also get to it when necessary. Chapel band has been a huge blessing for me this year, a place where I can use my gifts and skills for the glory of God—and I am so sad to leave it in just a few weeks.”

When asked about their experiencesworking with Joel Patterson, each person had something positive to say about their experiences.

Elliott said, “Joel’s leadership and servanthood has been a huge influence on the whole team and on many others from the student body.”

“Joel on his own is an awesome mentor,” said guitarist and singer Will Breman. “He’s got more wisdom than I had expected, and was able to meet me where I was at.”

Hankins described Patterson as “an encouraging leader,” and as someone who “gives us so much grace and freedom.”

Erwin said that he really enjoyed working under Patterson’s leadership as well. “He is so wise, caring and eager to help develop us both musically and spiritually.”

Photo Courtesy of Brad Elliot


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