Concerto performers announced

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The results are in: the Westmont Orchestra concerto concert in April will feature string players first-year Lalia Mangione, second-year Samantha Wilson, Isaac Kay and third-year Rebecca Shasberger. The talented musicians and students shared insights into the process of preparing for performing.

“I am really looking forward to the concert,” said violinist Lalia Mangione. “For me, performing is both an exciting and a terrifying experience. Although it is definitely nerve-wracking, when I perform I feel joy that comes only from music. I love what I am doing and that encourages me to get on stage and share that love and passion with an audience.”

Mangione will play Lao’s “Symphonie Espagnole,” a ‘standard’ in the violin repertoire that she selected “because it has a special fire to it. It’s dramatic and exciting and I wanted a chance to put on a fun performance full of personality that would engage an audience.”

A music major in her first year, Mangione displays her devotion to her instrument and diligent study habits: her daily schedule always includes three to four hours of practicing. “I'm constantly working on different repertoire and preparing for a performance of some kind, whether it be a competition, audition, or student recital,” she said.

Mangione’s aims for the future are not completely clear yet. “As for musical goals, thats a difficult question,” she said. “Of course, I want to be a professional musician, but I don't yet know whether I want to work in a professional orchestra, teach, play in a chamber group, or all the above! But I'm definitely looking forward to a career in music performance.”

Violist Samantha Wilson shared insights into the process of working towards the concerto concert audition. “Preparing for the audition is a lengthy process,” said Wilson.

“It involves first getting to know the listening to several different artists performing the piece...After the mechanics and basic techniques have been learned, the next step is adding the character, personality, emotions and phrasing to the piece. This is the part of preparation which we musicians live for! We can develop our own interpretations, with guidance from our private instructors of course.”

Wilson will perform Walton's viola concerto. For the audition, student pianist third-year Luke Mizuki accompanied the piece. The experience will be entirely different, Wilson acknowledged, when Westmont’s orchestra accompanies her.

“Performing with a piano has it's own challenges and strong points,” she said, “but playing it with an orchestra, how it was originally written, will be a whole new experience.”


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